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“For those of you who have not tasted ...from SueChef’s kitchen’s... desserts you’ve missed a truly unique experience! Everything I have tasted ...from SueChef’s kitchen...has been produced with quality ingredients and loving care. Not only do the desserts taste exceptionally delicious, but they are also beautiful to serve to friends and family. I highly recommend trying any (and all) of her delicious desserts. I promise that you won’t be disappointed!”

- Anita H., Agoura Hills, CA

“Yay! I refuse to share with anyone else! They really are that yummy!”

- Steve T., San Francisco, CA.

“If you need a taste tester, please call me! Delicious, delicious, delicious!”

- Fred O., Calabasas, CA.

“I am a big fan of your banana bread: moist, flavorful and delicious!”

- MaryJo H., Santa Clarita, CA.

“I have been lucky enough to sample many of SueChef’s desserts and all of them are delicious. SueChef is especially cognizant of dietary restrictions and special needs, but even so, all of her desserts taste wonderful. SueChef is well-organized and professional and takes the greatest care with even the smallest detail.”

- Debbie E., Moorpark, CA

“It’s impossible to eat only one of anything SueChef bakes!”

- Lynn M., Woodland Hills, CA

“I have been lucky enough to enjoy dessert from SueChef’s kitchen on many occasions. The presentation is always beautiful and the dessert is always delicious. I always look forward to when I will be able to enjoy another one of her tasty treats. I give her a 10!”

- Susanne G., Vacaville, CA.

“I happily endorse any and all of the delicious delights that I have eaten made by …from SueChef’s kitchen… She is so unique in combining ingredients to make delights taste especially good and also different from the every-day-fare that is normally served. SueChef is able to meet the needs of any dietary restriction and not adversely affect the flavor. For a taste of “goodies” that melt in your mouth…order from SueChef!!!”

- Donna J., Scotts Valley, CA.

”While I think that all of SueChef’s products are superlative, my favorite are the brownies: they are killer---rich and flavorful!”

- Ted T., Newbury Park, CA.

“I have ordered many different desserts from SueChef’s kitchen. After trying them all my whole family and I agree that each one is sensational! Whether we were in the mood for brownies, cookies or flourless chocolate cake the individual flavors were spectacular. With a family like mine where allergies take center stage it is difficult to enjoy delicious desserts. SueChef’s desserts will always be my first choice every time.”

- Sheri O., Calabasas, CA

“SueChef’s Brownies are the best brownies on the planet! No one else’s brownies come close!”

- Russ G., Marana, AZ