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All About SueChef

I have always been in love with food, especially sweet, yummy decadent desserts!

The pièce de résistance of any meal is always the fabulous dessert! However, in this world of dietary restrictions enjoying safe desserts is usually tasteless and boring.

I’ve created a wonderful variety of delicious, decadent desserts WITHOUT any dairy products (whey protein, casein, lactose) or tree nuts! Yes, it’s hard to believe, but true! With my ingenious recipes many more people can now experience fantastic desserts. What a treat to be able to enjoy the delicious finale to any meal without even realizing the absence of certain ingredients. In taste tests no one was able to detect that these elements were missing since I have effectively replaced them with other fabulous flavors and textures! The proof of the pudding was when I overheard someone raving about my extra fudgy chocolate chip brownies not knowing that they were dairy-free!

Today I continue to bake just as I have been for 40 years. Today I am still doing what I was born to do and love to do the most: creating delicious desserts for happy, appreciative clients ...from SueChef’s kitchen...! I hope to hear from you soon!


Bon Appétit!